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Karate News 2016

The 13th IFKKA Australian Open Championships –Sunday 18th September 2016

Monday, August 15, 2016



Don’t miss this event the SPARRING SPECTACULAR! This year the IFKKA Annual tournament will include 3 types of sparring. 

  • Roppon Shobu (Points sparring)
  • Clicker Kumite (continuous Sparring) 
  • Full contact Kumite for those who are eligible.

This will be a great event so don’t miss out. It will be held once again at The National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, 180 George St, Redfern. Click here to download a paper entry form or book online through try booking click this link


IFKKA Tournament Series Round 3- Full Contact Sunday 7th August

Sunday, August 07, 2016

We had a great day at the IFKKA Full Contact Tournament albeit a small tournament with entry numbers being down, but we were treated to some super displays of Kyokushin full contact karate. The junior’s numbers are always strong and if these girls and guys are anything to go by Kyokushin and other full contact karate’s are set for a great future.

Thank you to Sensei Alicia Smith from Chikara Young Tigers who is such a great supporter of the IFK-Australia Events, thank you to Sempai Takumi Sato and a big thank you to Sensei Carl Sullivan who made a trip from Queensland to enter one of his students.

Also thank you to all IFK-Australia students and families who entered, helped and generally supported the event, without you we don’t have a tournament. OSU!

Pictured above are the KKC Karate Students who entered, officiated and supported the event. Osu and thank you to you all.

results are listed below and be sure to check out the photos in the gallery, Click here

Sensei Mark Mitchell Contact Training Session 24th July 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016

We had another great training session with Sensei Mark Mitchell, it is always great to train with truly talented Karateka and in this case Mark is Talented. More sessions are scheduled so be sure to look out for the dates. pictured are the students from KKC Karate who attended the session, click here to check out the photos in the photo gallery.

2016 IFK-Australia Full Contact Tournament

Wednesday, June 08, 2016
    Round 3 of the IFK-Australia tournament series is scheduled for Sunday 7th August this event will be full contact kumite and will be held at the Tempe dojo.

There will be 3 age divisions;
  • Juniors boys & girls, 11 to 15 years minimum grade of 8th kyu (blue belt)
  • Cadets male & female 16-17 years -novice up to and including 7th kyu. Open 6th kyu and up.
  • Adults  male & female from 18 years - Novice (up to 7th Kyu), intermediate (6th to 3rd Kyu) and open (brown and black belts). divisions can be altered depending on entries.
Be sure to get your entry in, if you are unsure talk to your instructor regarding this event. to download and entry form click here

or book with TRYBOOKING click on this link here


FKKA Tournament Series Round 2- Kata Individual & Team Sunday 29th May 2016

Friday, June 03, 2016

Awesome day an opportunity to watch some great displays of Kyokushin Kata both teams and individual, there were 86 people entered and KKC Karate accounted for 25 of these, well done to all who entered as this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your karate. I so enjoy watching the students compete and see how they are always improving. Osu!

Also thank you to all form KKC Karate who helped with the day as without your assistance the IFKKA can’t put on these tournaments.

Full results are listed or you can download click here and be sure to view the photos in the gallery click here.

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