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 Frequently Asked QuestionCategory
1Am I Fit Enough?Multiple
2Am I Too Old?Multiple
3Can I come Watch, and see what the Class is Like?Multiple
4Can I Join in the Middle of the Month?No Category
5Do I need to Grade to New Belts?Multiple
6Do you do Kata?Multiple
7Do you have Tournaments?Competitions / Events
8Do you offer Private Tuition?Classes
9How do I Get Started?Multiple
10How do I pick a Good Karate School?Management
11How long does it take to get a Black Belt?Competitions / Events
12How often Should I Attend Class?Multiple
13I have no Martial Arts Experience, is that OK?Classes
14I Trained with another Kyokushin Group / Martial Arts Style may I come?Multiple
15Is Karate for Me?Classes

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